Artwork by David Breuer-Weil

Sponsorship Opportunities at CSM

CSM members and friends can sponsor our website and weekly newsletter, our weekly Kiddush and in the summer our Seuda Shlishit.

Website & Newsletter Sponsorship

To sponsor the CSM website and newsletter for any available week please email Jonathan Laufer. The cost is £36 for one week. Your sponsorship message will appear on both the website and the weekly newsletter.

Kiddush Sponsorship

CSM hosts a Kiddush after services every Shabbat and Yom Tov. The cost of sponsoring a “basic” Kiddush is £170. Enhanced kiddushim can also be requested, the cost depends upon the items added to the basic Kiddush and the number of any additional guests your are inviting / expecting. Some of the items you can select to enhance your Kiddush are cholent, kugel, goujons, fruit kebabs. To sponsor the CSM Kiddush for any available week please email Jonathan Laufer.

Seudat Shlishit Sponsorship

During the Summer months CSM hosts a Seudat Shlishit between Mincha and Ma’ariv. Our Scholar-in-Residence, Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum presents a shiur at many of these Seudot Shlishit, and we also have a number of visiting Rabbis and Educators who present through though the Summer. If you would like to sponsor the Seudah Shlishit please email Jonathan Laufer.