Artwork by David Breuer-Weil


Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum

Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum is Dean of the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS), the UK’s premier Jewish centre for training, teaching and scholarship.

He lectures in Jewish Education and New Readings of Classical Texts, as well as training teachers, rabbis and educators. He has rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and the Montefiore Kollel, a PhD in Theoretical Physics from King’s College London, an MA in Adult Education from University College London, and is a graduate of the Mandel School in Jerusalem.

Raphael gives guest lectures in Jewish institutions across the Jewish world.

Shiurrim Recordings

Rabbi Zarum gives regular Shiurrim at CSM. Rabbi Zarum has kindly recorded serveral of these for so that you can review the shuirrim you heard and want to hear again, or hear for the first time if you missed them. Select the shiur your wish to listen to from the list below.